Blaugust – Day 8

Something wicked this way comes

While doing my chores in Idleshire (or whatever the new Moar Donuts is called) I noticed this couple of ghosts sitting in a corner, surely plotting some nefarious plan to scare the living aether out of the citizens. Perhaps they are waiting for the infamous Miqo’te kid that sometimes appears in there? Or are they just bummed the small Red Panda minion can spot them?

That bed sheet they’re wearing is a reward from the very first All Sain’t Wake event in A Realm Reborn (the Eorzean Halloween). It’s a fun set, and there’s two variants: creepy smile and sad face ghost. I have one of those in my Armory, and need to get it ready for the following months! Speaking of that, I have the perfect glamour for Christmas! But you’ll have to wait and see, there’s still almost half a year until that holiday.

Also, the Summer event is coming soon and there’s a couple of cute swimsuits coming! Get ready, Eorzean fashionistas!

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


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