Instanced items

Blaugust – Day 10

Confused old me

Yesterday I was fiddling with my World of Warcraft account, which is out of “subscription time“, because all these Legion hype had me nostalgic of the old days of Azerothian adventures. I created a sub “starter” account; now I can create characters that won’t exceed level 20 and have heavy restrictions, but enough freedom in the very early game to have a taste for the game’s mechanics. I chose a Forsaken, since it’s my favorite race.

Pretty early in the game there’s a quest that requires you to find some corpses and click on them, so they can be carried by an NPC assistant. So far, so good. Problem is, and I had completely forgotten about this, said corpses are shared with every other nascent Forsaken doing the same quest, and for some reason there were quite a few heirloom-equipped lowbies beginning their lives in Deathknell. This resulted in the corpses being missing, because someone had already gotten them all, and the respawn rate (speed with which they re-appear for others) was notoriously slow.

I am so accustomed to FFXIV’s “instanced quest item” system that it was such a dizzying situation to me. In XIV, quest items are yours and your alone; if this quest existed it would mean every player would see his/her own set of corpses to pick up and thus producing zero disruption on other adventurers.

But that’s just how WoW is! Get used to it!

Oh, I know. I did spend five years of my life in Azeroth (and related zones). It was just surprising, confusing… and even a bit nostalgic.

I’ve reactivated my old account using my in-game gold. Awesome little system. Of course, I can do this probably one or two more times before I run out of gold, so I’ll probably try and make the most out of it: tour the world, take screenshots, maybe level a character from scratch to get a feel for the Rogue class from the start (since right now I log on and have no idea what to do).

WoW may be a 10 year old game, with graphics and systems that scream “update me“, but it has style and charm in amounts that many others dream with. And while I didn’t join Warlord of Draenor (I am, sadly, not made of money), and have no plans to join Legion… a part of me wishes he had.

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


One thought on “Instanced items

  1. Yeah, WoW’s questing is all over the place. For a while there, it was terrible RNG, quest items in your actual backpack, and really spotty shared credit. EverQuest II did all of those things a lot better (except maybe for the RNG part, but there was a mix still).

    I kind of hope the next-next expansion does a level crunch and cataclysms the world again, while refreshing old zones and updating the questing across the board to be more group friendly.


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