Wars in the Stars

Blaugust – Day 12

Galactic hype

For many people of my age and trade, Star Wars is what you could call “required viewing“. It’s one of those movies that awakens a sense of the fantastic and incredible, specially as a kid; it captures your imagination and doesn’t let go. Innocence leads to fantasy, fantasy leads to fascination. As an adult I enjoy universes like the Metal Gear Solid one, but I understand from the get go they’re works of fiction; a child makes no such distinctions: it’s as real and fantastic as it seems.

Today’s new photo gallery from Entertainment’s Weekly’s website shows new characters and settings from the coming sequel, Episode VII – The Force Awakens. So it goes without saying that I am beyond hyped for the new Star Wars movie coming out this December. And yes, I was just as hyped when Episode I was in that magical pre-release phase; had I only known what it would end up being*…

* For the record, I did like Episode I. Yes, it’s a terribly flawed movie and it only gets worse every time you watch it, revealing flaws and plot holes that would make the Return of the Jedi’s Death Star look 100% complete in comparison. But it is still fun!

What little we have seen has been super exciting, proving that Disney really knows how to hype a movie. I would say that I “hope” they don’t blow it up, but if we follow their track record with Marvel movies, I think we’re pretty safe; in my opinion even the “worst” of the Marvel movies have been quite entertaining. Even Ant-Man, a movie I had zero intentions of watching, slowly gained my attention with interesting trailers; it happily ended up being one of the best and funniest movies I’ve seen this year.

I am looking forward fulfilling an old ritual, as well. Me and two high-school class mates who also enjoy Star Wars have gathered together and attended the midnight premieres for all three prequel movies, and we’re hoping we can do the same for the new trilogy. It’s gonna be hard, since one of them now lives in Spain; nevertheless we will see if his Christmas holidays allow for the three of us to repeat the tradition!

Are you hyped for Episode VII? Cautiously optimistic? Or did the prequels burned every Star Wars-y pupil your tongue has for all eternity?

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One thought on “Wars in the Stars

  1. Damn straight! Looking forward to Episode VII, liked Ant-Man (and posted on it for Blaugust). And I liked Ep I when I saw that on holiday in Florida when it was released – who doesn’t love Pod Racing and Darth Maul? Good luck with the ritual, sounds like fun.


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