Blaugust – Day 13


Is there a worse thing in this Earth than lag? Of course there is! But is there a worse thing than lag in any online multiplayer game? No, there isn’t. It can make calm men grow restless, and pacific people want to start wars and make heads roll.

For the past few days I’ve been having some nasty lag during my adventures in FFXIV, causing most of my abilities to take a second or two to register – and that’s being nice. I would sometimes see the entire population around me simply stop (friend and foe alike) only to resume their activities at breakneck speed 4 or 5 seconds later. I believe they call it rubberbanding. To top it off, sometimes this burst of supernatural speed ends up in me being hit by the fabled 90k error, which means disconnection from the server. If I happen to be on Skype the call also drops, which indicates this isn’t XIV per se, but rather my good-for-nothing ISP.

What is lag? Baby don’t hurt me.

I am totally not a technical person and this is quite likely a wrong description, but lag is a term that is used by online gamers to represent a delay in communications between you and the game server, which results in things happening moments after they’re supposed to happen. For example, in an online shooter you press a button to fire your weapon instantly, but if said action happens later than expected, then you can say you “have lag” or “are lagging“; in an MMO a cure spell may begin casting seconds after you press the key, which can result in a party member dying because your healing magic didn’t happen on time.

Latency is a similar or related term. You could say latency is a measurement of the time it takes to communicate with your server, and lag is the situation that arises from a high latency (more time to communicate with the server, hence more time for activities to execute).

Repo….rt a pro…..blem

When I called my ISP to ask about this anomalies, they came up with the usual stuff: “everything’s working as intended, we have received no reports of problems“. I’m curious to try doing some sort of trace to see if I can find out some packet loss or another fancy term for a problem with my connection. Maybe it’s my router. Scheduling a visit from the technician doesn’t sound like a fun prospect, to be honest.

I truly hope this fixes itself in the coming days. Playing online right now is an exercise in frustration.

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


4 thoughts on “Lagland

    1. In my case, thankfully, it SEEMS to have fixed itself last night. *knock on wood*
      In my WoW days I used this “Leatrix” thingy to help with lag… however when my ISP derped no force on heaven, earth or the nether would help 🙂

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  1. If you can find the IP or address that the game uses you can use dos to run a PathPing.
    This may indicate any delays, or if if certain part of the journey to the destination are having issues.
    When I’ve have similar I’ve also checked that my router has been restarted recently, checked cables etc. Also any AntiVirus software or such may be checking files or running that could be slowing things down, this generally isn’t the case if you see the PING in game increasing (worth abling it).
    Last thing i check is if other apps or users are downloading heavily/streaming of course the line speed will be impacted if its lower.


    1. Thanks for commenting! Just yesterday I did a power reset to both router and modem; unfortunately the problem persisted. I was thinking about the path ping, maybe find a troubling point and report that to my ISP 😀


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