That’s right. Good.

Blaugust – Day 17


Every Metal Gear fan knows the above image. It’s a crucial moment in the ending credits of Metal Gear Solid IV when during the cast roll you are presented to another member, slightly separated from the rest, announcing to all that the actor Richard Doyle had played the role of the legendary Big Boss. There was only one problem: Big Boss wasn’t in the game.

It’s difficult to explain to someone not invested in the lore of the Metal Gear saga just how much of a shock that line is. I can still remember the feeling of utter confusion I felt at that single line stopping in the middle of the screen and the music reaching a crescendo. “But… did I miss something? A secret cutscene?


Moments prior, series’ main character Solid Snake had decided to take his own life to end with an engineered virus that had been mutating in his body since the first game in the Solid series (welcome to MGS, where insane and convoluted plot lines are common). With a loud gunshot the screen cuts to black and credits roll. It’s over, the saga that had enraptured us was finally over. And then that line.

Father and Son. Snake and Snake.

Then back to where it was. Snake missed (or intentionally missed) the shot, while an unknown voice says “That’s right. Good.” Against all odds, it is none other than Big Boss himself standing nearby; presumed dead for the entirety of the Solid saga he appears and ties the final loose ends of the saga. I won’t delve any deeper than that, but it instantly cemented itself as one of the most exciting, confusing, and unforgettable moments in my video game history.


The series then returned to the past to progress the story of this important soldier in the amazing MGS: Peace Walker, and continued it with the short but sweet MGS: Ground Zeroes which serves as a prologue to the upcoming MGS V: The Phantom Pain, a game that is highly anticipated (and that’s putting it lightly).

Gamers everywhere hope this game (which due to unfortunate circumstances appears to be the last game in the saga) will close the loop between the Solid series and the original games, released over 25 years ago. Will we see a young Solid Snake on his first mission?

We can’t bloody wait!

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


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