Summer fun

Blaugust – Day 18

Sun and fun

I really like how Final Fantasy XIV handles events. Every one of these annual celebrations is accompanied with decorations in capital cities, fun and fitting musical themes, lots of fun rewards (mostly glamour and decorations), and most importantly: lore. This is crucial because it takes the event beyond the “farm this for a couple of weeks” to “there’s this thing happening so go and investigate, and then farm this for a couple of weeks” – there must always be a farm.

Right now we’re during the Moonfire Faire which sees adventurers going to the beaches on Costa del Sol to participate in the party and get some very cool glamour swimsuits in the process. But there’s a bunch of pirates that want to ruin the fun! I love that there’s a reason, though.

Seasonal reasons

My memory on this is a little foggy, but it goes sort of like this: Long ago when piracy was outlawed the rulers of Limsa assigned land to former pirates so they could start new lives; but old habits die hard and they abandoned them. A famous entrepreneur saw the abandoned land and purchased it in order to develop a now famous resort. With the summer celebrations the pirates have returned and they resent this old grudge.

In a simple and fun resolution, the manager convinces the pirate leader to join the celebration instead of attacking it (with the help of basically the most famous and strongest adventurer in Eorzea!). It’s dumb and simple, but quick fun for the event.

Stories for the season

Other events are like that, as well. For Christmas you are tasked with playing the role of Santa Claus for a company that takes that role during the season. There was also an event in which you went around the world trying to help some “visitors from the east” convince Eorzea that horses were better than horsebirds Chocobos (which of course, isn’t gonna happen).

My favorite event in XIV is coincidentally the same it was in World of Warcraft: Halloween. In Azeroth the season of Hallow’s End, in which a Headless Horseman burns the low level cities in order to bait you to fight him, while screaming some of the coolest lines from an event NPC ever.

In Eorzea, the holiday is called All Saint’s Wake. The story goes that during this night (or rather, nights) the Gods invite the Saints to gather and feast, an opportunity the spirits of Eorzea seize to roam the world and do mischief. A particular set of performers appear during this time, The Continental Circus, and try to spread the cheer. But in reality, these masked performers are actually true spirits, trying to spread scares and spooks! Alas, with the accidental help of the Warrior of Light they end up making the celebration better instead of chaotic! Give me an Elixir!

Happenings and reason

I love when events have a motive! More than simple grinds it gives you reason to go ahead, to see what happens next. I truly hope future events continue this tradition! Of course, when rewards are awesome, that makes it extra-worth it to do them!


What is your favorite in-game event, Eorzean or otherwise?

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


3 thoughts on “Summer fun

  1. I think my favorite to date is Little Ladies’ Day and That Old Black Magic event involving Shantotto to date are my favorites. Shantotto is a foreign character to me and albeit that event is short, but I thought it was so well executed and funny I couldn’t help but fall for her! Plus I always enjoy Little Ladies Day with the event questline and story. Couple that with some cute rewards and I’m hooked! 🙂


  2. Christmas is Starlight Celebration, New Years (the horse one you mentioned) is Heavensturn. I really enjoy All Saint’s Wake though (I think it was the last one where you wore notable NPCs disguises – nothing like getting a Nanamo, Minfilia, Raubahn, Merlwyb, and Kann-e-Senna together and have them do the Manderville together), but this year’s Moonfire Faire will be hard to beat with them including crafters and gathers into the mix as well – really brought out the festive mood.

    Although, Starlight Celebration should be interesting since its origins date back to Ishgard.


  3. I forget how pretty that game was. It would be even prettier on my new rig (been almost 2 years since I played) but… too many games, too little time. 😉


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