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Blaugust – Day 20

Crack in your pocket

Whose idea was it to release a free to play version of Triple Triad, one of Final Fantasy‘s most beloved mini-games, for mobile phones? And putting achievements that reward you with special cards? And making it possible to play solo and against other human opponents via the internet?

Bless and damn you, mysterious worker at Square Enix headquarters in Tokyo!

Open the portal!

With the release of the Final Fantasy Portal App for iOS and Android devices Square Enix wants to provide a centralized and official way to share news about the franchise’s universe. But as is often done with these apps, it also provides entertainment on its own.

Most in-app activities provide points: checking news, watching the latest trailers, etc. These points can then be traded for wallpapers for your device, game codes (though this seems to be for future use) and special Triple Triad Cards.

Wait… did you say…?

Yes. Triple Triad. Final Fantasy VIII‘s main mini-game. A card collecting and converting game about cards with numbers beating other cards with numbers. It was implemented in Final Fantasy XIV a while ago, and it became a popular Eorzean way to pass time. Now it is available on your mobile device, so you can play whenever you want, sporting cards from the entire franchise’s history.

I played a few rounds this morning and it plays perfectly. You first go to a very friendly tutorial that pitches you against series’ heroes. After that you begin your way in the way of collecting cards, building decks, and challenging both NPCs and real players over the internet. It’s madness. And it’s free to play!

Cherry on top

During the launch window, anyone who downloads the app and logs will get a special version of Final Fantasy I. FOR FREE. The catch is that you must launch the game from within the app, but that’s not that much of a hurdle (unless you were internet-less for some reason). But hey, it’s free.


So don’t forget to download it if you have a compatible device! And keep up to date with one of gaming’s most famous sagas!

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


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