Blaugust – Day 24

Ink art

A few days ago I was at home checking my Twitter when I saw fellow tweep Jo asking for character screenshots for some drawing samples for future commissions.

I always have a couple of character screenshots at hand (for blog posts) so I replied with the first non-distant screenshot I found. I was fiddling with my haircut with Jandelaine, while being in my WAR getup.

A few days later I see this in my Twitter timeline:

Is that… me?

Line art

I was floored with how good it looks and as is usual with us non-talented folk, drooled over how amazing Jo’s talent is. She has a Tumblr page where you can see her drawings and screenshots from Final Fantasy XIV.

I also love how stuff looks in black and white! It looks sophisticated, and while color art also looks incredible, seeing art in its development stages is enthralling.

Imagine my excitement when I got a mention in a tweet from Jo a few days later:

Sweet baby Twelve in a cradle of the finest oak a carpenter can craft! That looks awesome! I find the serious face intriguing: so much can be expressed just by seeing the eyes! I am fascinated by this art. I want to use it as my avatar but I am so nervous to even ask!

Perhaps I should ask… *shakes*


Since I created my game-only Twitter account (which has gone to become my only account) I’ve seen awesome examples of artists that express their amazing skill with scenes or characters from FFXIV. People like Jo, Vergil Renata or Denmo all show that art is a marvel to look at.

Do check them out, and appreciate their work. It’s a labor of love and serious skill.


Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


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