Blaugust – Day 26

A long way

Finally! After two years of Final Fantasy XIV and not-so-diligent care, my Chocobo companion is finally level 10! My trusty companion has been an invaluable help during my solo adventures as a Black Mage, and it’s nice for it to reach the level cap… well, at least the original one!

For those not playing, once you reach a certain level in XIV you get your very own Chocobo as a mount. This is no surprise in a Final Fantasy game. However, a few levels later you get another quest to teach your Chocobo how to fight. Becoming a summonable party member (as long as you provide the Gysahl Greens!).


Once your Chocobo learns to battle, you can level him up as he gains experience, and whenever he/she levels up he gains “ability points” that can be assigned to one of three branches: damage dealer, healer or tank; each skill learned will make your Chocobo stronger and learn additional spells. This means your companion can supply with a role that you’d normally not be able to – a healer class may want to level the companion as a tank to help with keeping the enemies busy, while a DPS can choose to help his work with a healer or a tank Chocobo to keep things balanced.


As a special reward, once your Chocobo reaches level 10 and has allotted all his points in a single branch, he’ll get a special barding set representing the role you have assigned him to. In my case, I made my Chocobo a healer to keep me safe during my leveling as a Black Mage. Once he reached level 10, I got a White Mage Barding!


Unfortunately (or fortunately) level 10 is just a milestone. The original level cap. Eventually a system was introduced where your Chocobo can break this limit and go beyond. It involves certain foods you can give him, essentially making your Chocobo a multi-purpose companion. Alas, I am not very knowledgeable of the process so I’ll have to research a bit more into that.

But hey! I am happy my White Mage Chocobo is now looking like a fancy healer! Will I ever reach further levels?

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


2 thoughts on “Chocobo!

  1. Buy Thavnairian Onion on the market board (not sure I spelled that right — I just search on “thav” in all honesty). Right-click and use. Chcobo can now go up to level 11. When you hit 11, repeat. There is a quest in Heavensward to get the black chocobo and then the followup quest to that also awards an onion so that one would be “free.”

    My chocobo hit level 12 about a week and a half ago, so I’m sitting a 4 Tank, 5 healer, and 9 damage with 5 leftover points. I could spend them on the 5th tank skill, but I’m saving for level 13 and then I’ll have 15 points and can buy healer 6 and 7 (with 2 points left over) for a 30% boost to the choco’s healing. Then at 14 I’ll grab tank 5 and 6. Got it all planned out 😉


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