Two years of Fantasy

Blaugust – Day 27

Rise like the Phoenix

It’s incredible to believe two years have gone by! Time does fly, and even more so when one is having fun.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the successful rebirth of the initially doomed MMO, is celebrating its 2nd anniversary today with The Rising, an event that has the game’s devs themselves apologize for 1.0 and bring forth new hopes for the future – as long as a lot of cute and funny spoilerish things!



I began my Eorzean adventures as an Elezen, but it was as a Lalafell that I found my place in the world. I also remember I switched to this fun race since I was having a tough time in the game, since my FC basically went to hell thanks to a couple of toxic members. I had wonderful times, and met incredible people like Belghast and Spiral Sun.


Below you can see me celebrating the first Rising event in Limsa. This is from, curiously enough, my second blog post. I created this blog two days before the first Rising! Oh, how does time fly!

Champagne Showers!

Once more with feeling

So many good times, and experiences! A game where – like all good FFs – story is king, griping us from the start and making us always feel important heroes. Where we have rejoiced in celebrations and cried when loss knocks on our door. Where friends of today become the raid partners of tomorrow, and great victories are shared. Where community joins together to celebrate this world that binds us together.


Rising 2015

ffxiv_08272015_205112The new event begins with a notice of “bug attacks” in Thanalan. Did you notice the quest giver, Nonora, looks very much like Yoshi-P’s in-game character?

She informs you that, as an adventurer, you can go and help with the infestation. Not only that, but a certain notorious bard has already been reported to be helping with it! Who could this mystery hero be?

Once you arrive you find none other than the Wandering Minstrel! This is, as all players know, the avatar representing Naoki Yoshida (whom we affectionately call “Yoshi-P“), the game’s director! He’s squashing bugs (get it?)!

I’ll let you enjoy the rest, but suffice it to say it becomes a very emotional quest for those of us that have made Eorzea our second home! There’s ton of… special guests! And The Prelude.

The Future

Through a very fun in-game method (similar to one found in masterpiece Chrono Trigger from the SNES days) the devs tease us with developments to come. Will we get a Samurai job next? Or maybe a Red or Blue Mage? How about a Doomtrain Primal? So many possibilities!

For now, naught to do but enjoy the present. 3.1 looms in the distance and we still have a lot to do in the northern lands of Coerthas. We look forward to the future, with our eyes heavensward and anywhere else this trip will take us.

Let’s celebrate together this accomplishment, and our journey together. May we all ever walk in the light of the Crystal!


Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


One thought on “Two years of Fantasy

  1. If anyone ever doubted Yoshi-P is the master bug swatter, here is all the evidence you need! Jokes aside, in a market where most games are one-run throw aways, a challenging yet inspiring game like FFXIV is an amazing achievement. The production team seems to always have something in their sleeve to keep players entertained. if FFXI’s longevity is any indicator, we’re in for a long-lasting adventure.


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