Fourth Wall

Blaugust – Day 30

“These look familiar”

Tonight’s shot is taken on the Eighteen Floor, the mysterious developer room that appeared in Ul’dah for this year’s Rising event – A Realm Reborn’s second anniversary.

On the board, located in the back room, you can see several arts that have been released during the lifetime of Final Fantasy XIV. Wallpapers on the left-most panel; Heavensward key art in the middle, and some character designs on the right-most one (Cid and Minfilia being the biggest posters).

On the far end, behind the huge desk is none other than Yoshi-P himself (his avatar), standing in front of a huge panel with the “A Realm Reborn” symbol.

It’s a pretty neat “easter egg” for the event – meeting the devs and them praising you for your support. One of the most interesting and fantastic holidays in a game ever, if you ask me!

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


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