The End of Blaugust

Blaugust – Day 31

It ends

I’ll be honest: I did not think I could complete the Blaugust “challenge” – post daily during the month of August. That’s thirty one posts! For someone like me who posted every now and then (usually twice a week) this was a huge challenge! Not only in coming up with topics to write about every day (thankfully the game industry has news quite often)  but also remembering to do so, since I was not accustomed to do so daily!

But here we are! August 31 and this is the last post of the month, having posted every single day! I can hardly believe it!


The habit of posting

I cannot promise I’ll keep posting daily, but it is quite entertaining to share my thoughts for others to read and bounce back ideas or notions about this gaming world of ours. It’s like a longer yet slower Twitter.


Ok, yeah, that was a bad joke – ho ho ho! Nevertheless, I do see myself posting more often. I don’t feel pressure to write a long and winded post about X or Y topic; a small post with a few paragraphs can be enough to entice interaction between us and that is lovely!

It is, after all, the goal of a blog: to be read. Not really to amass an army of readers, but rather to be read by those who care. Share and care.


Bring on September!

And the rest of the year, actually. Four short months and 2015 will be over. Damn, does time fly – maybe as we grow older time tends to pass faster or some esoteric freaky thing like that. These remaining months will have your usual posts, including Music Fridays and the sporadic screenshot posts (that have been quite useful during this Blaugust challenge!).


I’ll still post mostly about Final Fantasy XIV since it is my drug of choice; posts about news in the gaming world will also come every now and then. Expect a couple of Metal Gear themed posts in the following days or weeks – the Phantom Pain hype is at an all time high!


And so, I bid you adieu. I hope you enjoyed this crazy month of Blaugust. Please look forward to more posts, opinions and general silliness from yours truly! Thanks for reading!


And yes, I did intentionally fill this post with GIFs 🙂

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


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