Too many ideas

Boy, what do I write about? It’s not writer’s block, though. I have a lot of ideas swirling right now but I can’t articulate any of them. Or maybe it is a form of block… how should I know? I am no writer! I’m just a guy sharing thoughts on the internet.

See? I make no sense.

Kept you waiting, huh?


So I finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Took me 50 hours, and I am absolutely satisfied with the gameplay – perfect in almost every sense. Having a MGS set in an open world is no longer the confusing idea it may have been a few years ago. The story, on the other hand…

It takes a few looks at MGS’ Reddit to see people that isn’t quite… satisfied with the ending and the way things play out (and sometimes don’t play out).

**SPOILERS** The game’s regular ending is pretty decent, though a few questions and curiosities remain. It’s soon clear that the game has a “Chapter 2” that will show pretty much every important plot detail shown in trailers – yes, all those awesome story developments in trailers? Chapter 2. Problem is, said new chapter is basically “do side ops or repeat missions until a new cutscene is unlocked”. To top it off, not only is the “true” ending something that comes incredibly out of the blue (*ping* new mission… no story link whatsoever) along the way there’s an incredibly important plot point that is entirely missing. To make things worse, this dangling point is sort of resolved in a chapter that was either cut completely or never finished… and released as a in-development video in a disc that comes with the game’s collector’s edition.**SPOILERS**

So yeah, I’m torn. Best Metal Gear Ever gameplay-wise. Storywise? I’ll let each one of you decide for yourselves. I liked it, but still… dat phantom pain, doe.

The Alexander dilemma

I have a really hard time trying to organize this idea in my head, which is why this will wait until another post, but as an appetizer: I think that somehow the current raid method in Final Fantasy XIV (launch raid in easy/normal mode and hold the savage mode until regular has been cleared) is part the reason some people is growing bored of XIV.

I am still raiding (currently wiping like crazy in Floor 3 Savage) but besides doing my daily roulette for Esoterics I have a hard time keeping my Eorzean attention span. It is definitely not the game, but I can’t help but think it could have been better planned. Can’t quite put my finger into it…



To fulfill the roll of the cherry on top of the proverbial “god damn it, temptation” cake, I re-installed Destiny because I wanted to do some of the PvP modes that were available for everyone right before the launch of the Taken King expansion. Only thing I did was rekindle the fire for a game that, despite all its flaws, did play wonderfully.

I never did like Destiny’s mini-expansions cost/content ratio. The Dark Below at the time seemed like such a bad idea for DLC that it literally soiled my expectations for the game. Months later House of Wolves came out and I started reading a lot of good things about it. With 2.0 launching recently – the preparation patch for the expansion – I see new stuff (quest tracking?!) and find out PvP is the same as always: I suck at it, but it’s a hell lot of fun. They have fixed a lot of gripes I had with the game.

At this point in time, if I wanted to play TTK I’d have to buy the year 1 Season Pass ($35) and then the expansion (for I guess $40)… or just buy the “legendary edition” that basically includes everything for $60. That’s $60 I don’t have right now, unfortunately. But the itch is there.

Writer’s block

So, do I have writer’s block? I may do… despite this entire post. All I know is that right now I know nothing at all and I hardly make any sense. All I know is that I’m feeling the phantom pain, am not looking forward to wiping like mad to Jigglybutt, and have an itch to play Destiny for some mysterious reason.

God help me.


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