Cataclysm: Towerfall rules

Oh boy! One of those videogame itches that I’ve had for some time was defeating all bosses of Towerfall’s Dark World expansion in Legendary difficulty. Every weekend we got together with a bunch of friends to attempt to progress through the expansion’s “adventure” mode – 4 worlds of challenges each finished with a fun (in a masochist way) boss. We managed to make it to the fourth and final boss, which has what is likely the best name in any game, ever.

Cataclysm: Impossible Horror at the Center of All Creation

Yes, that’s the name. It’s amazing. In a cool twist, you are denied arrows for this boss – you must steal them from the boss itself – if you can avoid the fireballs and blades that swipe the bottom floor, that is!


A couple of weeks ago we were attempting the boss when against all odds we managed to bring its life bar to zero. There were cheers. There were screams. The boss shook in pain and we were celebrating when someone asked a very important question: “why are we getting shields?

When the boss’ life bar is depleted, it starts shaking and two chests appear (one if you’re playing alone), each containing a shield power up (which protects you from one hit). The question was made just as the realization hit: it wasn’t over. The boss doesn’t die, but rather begins an insane final phase with adds, fireballs, meteors and deadly floor – and you can’t attack it, just try to survive. It was insane, and we were defeated. But we tried again, and again… alas, no victory.


This weekend we didn’t get a chance to gather together so I decided to dedicate some time to try and do it on my own. After a stream of deaths and failure I took a break and, like a bad advice meme, I came back on Sunday morning with my energies renewed and after some more tries I finally defeated the boss!

Kill the “sperms”, dodge, jump, steal… then kill, grab, dodge, jump, pray. I surrendered all my extra lives (3 if you’re playing alone) to admittedly dumb mistakes, but I endured. In the end, the final wave of meteors was gone, and I was greeted by the “victory lap phase” in which you get unlimited arrows to blast freely at the beast’s heart. Here’s my video of the kill:


Pondering back on the journey, I can’t help but be amazed at how incredibly awesome Towerfall is. A game with no online option in an era where connections are everything. A true reminder of the wonderful times when if you wanted to play multiplayer games you actually had to visit you friends and have some of the best fun you could possibly have.

The pixel art, the fantastic soundtrack (which has made it to a previous Music Friday here!)and the mayhem that comes from fighting against (or with) friends in a game that has incredible hit detection… priceless.

I’m not sure if support for Towerfall will continue (particularly for the PS4 version; Steam is getting a level editor), but it still is one of the top go-to games when friends get together. Awesome game, awesome fun, and crazy battles!


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