Music Friday: Excerpt from the Ecstasy


Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

I miss the old orbit

Thanks to a couple of good friends (who are actually a married couple) I managed to get Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. If you read my Twitter you probably heard me say that I was quite curious to try it since the general consensus seems to be that the expansion fixed a lot of the problems with vanilla Destiny. Also, let’s face it: Destiny is mechanically a very good game.

But I’m not here to tell you just how overwhelmed I am with things to do (TTK includes the previous mini-expansions which I did not get) – and I am not even capped yet! I’m here to talk music and while I haven’t even started doing the expansion’s PvE content itself there’s a small section of the music I can talk about: orbit music. Orbit in Destiny is like the “map” screen of other games, where you choose where to go to do quests or missions. It’s a very cool shot of your ship hovering over whatever planet you were previously in.

Destiny's orbit

TTK’s orbit music so far doesn’t quite hit me in the way the original one did (neither does the title screen but that’s brief, at least). Orbit does cycle through various themes of the game, but there’s a particular one from 1.0 that I always considered a fantastic piece and, like I said in a previous post, “would be right at home in any Hollywood space blockbuster“.

Wait… are you repeating Music Fridays now, Saga?

Not quite… sort of. I previously featured another of the orbital tracks, but I did talk about this one. It wasn’t until later that I found this track had a proper name and while I linked the video back then as an update, it wasn’t the star of that post.

So now I’ll continue exploring TTK, rediscovering a pleasantly enhanced Destiny. At least whenever I don’t raid – FFXIV is still my love*.

* I was gonna say “bae” but… no.


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