Saga vs routine and his ISP

Ok, let’s face it and not beat around the bush: I’m in full “waiting for 3.1” mode. I have explored whatever content I have wanted to explore in Heavensward and am looking forward to what the next patch will bring, even if some of it is partially unknown to us (and so far no Hildibrand). I have to agree with my current Final Fantasy XIV podcasts: the game’s having pacing issues. But anyways, this post will be about what’s going on in my gaming time, because… well, because.


I love to raid, but as enjoyable as that activity is, I must agree with those that put Alexander Savage as a bit too much. There’s a difference between hard and “I feel I am wasting my time” hard. While it may be excellent content for those that crave a challenge and can dedicate their days to facing it, as someone with only a few hours each night I can’t justify dedicating all my time to it.

It is lucky, then, that my current raid group doesn’t raid that often. We usually get two or three nights a week. We have the first two floors of Savage pretty much on farm and we’re currently wiping on the third.

I am going to keep trying, of course. I won’t let my team down. But perhaps cut a bit on the tome farming. There’s only one piece in my gear that’s less than i200 and that’s the gloves. I may get lucky in this week’s A2 run; either that or in two weeks I’ll get enough tokens to get them on my own.


Since I’ve decided to take an outside-of-raiding break from XIV, I’ve turned my eyes to Destiny‘s expansion, The Taken King. I have to admit I have been having a blast, be it doing dungeons or failing miserably at PvP.

However, my excitement has been unfortunately cut short by my wonderful Internet Service Provider (ISP). For some mysterious and fucked up reason my ISP has issues connecting to PSN between 21:00 and 23:00 and that’s my prime gaming time. I already called them and they are aware since they’ve received multiple complaints. Just gotta wait, I guess, for my ISP’s tech monkeys to actually develop a functional brain.

Can’t you just change ISPs?

Not really. My current ISP offers both cable television and internet. I couldn’t care less about television but my wife loves watching those Investigation Discovery crime shows. Also, the other good ISP is quite expensive and doesn’t even reach my zone. All other ISPs are trash and one of them quite likely caused me an aneurysm a couple of years ago.


Just in case, I left my PC downloading the Wildstar client (via the launcher) during the night. It seems to have finished downloading as this morning the progress bar was a 100%. I don’t really wanna jump on Wildstar just yet (since there were early reports of congested servers and chaos) but I may fiddle around with it if the internet/PSN problems persist and there’s no raid in XIV.

Wildstar always looked like a fun game. Never been a fan of the idea of paying for two MMOs at the same time so never really took it that seriously (as a must-play game). Now that it has gone the F2P route (and apparently a decent one at that) it’ll surely be a fun side-activity for those off-days!


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