Monday musings and candy

Hello there! Yeah, it’s monday – no, I won’t capitalize it since it sucks. But at least I can muse about games and stuff. No, don’t leave! I’ll promise this won’t be boring… maybe. There’ll be candy! Sort of.

King’s Fall

I should have bought The Dark Below. Yeah, it was a load of crap game/dev decisions and a ridiculous price but if there’s one thing Destiny excels at is raids. This weekend I jumped into the latest raid and while the game has changed a lot (for the better!) I can say that raid has not changed much – and that’s good.

Oryx’s realm is full of what made the Vault of Glass (Destiny’s first raid) such a hit: great atmosphere, puzzling add encounters, labyrinths, bosses with complicated but fun mechanics, and jumping puzzles – oh I love those. Oh, and secrets… some of which the community is still trying to solve. Between the first and second bosses there’s a small labyrinth that’s a series of corridors with little to no light – it’s scary, but also very cool; don’t get lost!

Raiding in Destiny is something else! Standard MMO raids start looking boring when you compare the true adventure that one of these gargantuan zones represent, and most importantly, how they’re presented.

Rock Band 4

No, I am not buying Rock Band 4. A friend will probably do so, though! The same group of friends we gather with most weekends to play couch multiplayer games with. One of them loves Rock Band and had all 3 previous gamesfrom the previous generation. Problem is she used to be an Xbox person… now she has jumped to the Playstation side.

While it is said (I can’t confirm) that instruments from the previous generation will work again (hopefully cross-platform – as in “Xbox to Playstation”) it has been confirmed that DLC won’t. The dozens of songs my friend had bought during her 360 days are not gonna work on her Playstation. Sad times.


I finally managed to get past the title screen and enter Wildstar! Made an Exile… or is it a human on the Exile faction? I don’t know, but I finally made it into the game and managed to play the start of the game for a while. It was… fun? I guess. Quick impressions:

  • It’s Warcraft with better graphics but a similar style.
  • The interface looks nice, but like all new MMOs it has a lot to show so it can be a little confusing to navigate and find what you need.
  • New keybindings… crap.
  • The UI way to show quest dialogue is… I don’t like it. I have to look up to see what the character says and then center to choose options. There’s surely an add-on to fix that but I’m playing without add-ons (gotta know the UI first before I start tweaking).
  • The combat is nice, with the real-time and all. It’s a bit like TERA.
  • I like the cutscenes and the facial animation of speaking NPCs (on cutscenes, cuz otherwise they barely move at all).

Overall? It’s a fun game to play for downtime (aka no-XIV/no-Destiny). Oh, and speaking of Wildstar, the music in the early moments of the game (the Exile ship and Everstar Grove) isn’t particularly memorable; here’s to hoping the other areas turn it up a notch to match the greatness of the title screen.


Well, caramel. Orange Caramel. Last Friday someone on my Twitter TL shared this video. It’s from 2012 or something, but the song is catchy! So here I share it with you because I promised you candy!




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