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The more things change… the more they risk becoming something else. And change can be a tough thing to swallow.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I can conclude that I don’t like Final Fantasy XIV‘s new format for releasing raid content and raid difficulties. I would have much rather prefer if they’d continued with the 2.X format. I guess more people would cry “re-skin” than we have now, but the thing is: I liked 2.X.

In other words, here is the way I would have preferred XIV went with 3.0’s raid content:

  • Launch
  • X weeks later we get Alexander’s first set of floors. Difficulty is about the same as Coil – gear level required is comparable to that which it was during those early days.
    • Esoterics gear is inferior to Alexander’s (say, i180)
    • Alexander gear is superior to Esoterics (say i200)
  • 3.1 comes 3 months (give or take a few weeks) after launch and it includes both Void Ark AND Alexander “Story Mode” (sort of what is currently Alexander Normal).
    • Void Ark gear is still inferior to Alexander’s but not by much. (say, i190).
    • Alexander’s Story Mode drops either gear (say, i190) or something else. Pets, perhaps? Or even upgrade items for Esoteric gear, making them upgrade ilevel (say, 190).
  • 3.2 launches with the second phase of Alexander, etc.

Wait, this sounds sort of like 2.X…

Yes, and I would have much preferred if this was the way things were. I really, really liked 2.X’s method of gear progression.

But what about standard tome gear? Law gear?

Still there to prepare players for Alexander, like Darklight was in its day. Esoterics gear, being your “class gear” would still be much more desirable. Speaking of tome gear, we could have a bit more varied itemization. I’m not saying “go horizontal” but perhaps make the stats available spread so we don’t pee ACC or would be willing to crack our light crystals for some.

Wouldn’t this make 3.0 just a reskin of 2.0?

I honestly think this wouldn’t be that bad. Raidwise we get new encounters, new battlezones and new music… we still get the entire Heavensward package and its new things (flying, scrips, story, music et al).

Isn’t this just because you can’t clear A3S?

Possibly. I banged my head continuously against the first three wings of the Coil. Even then I always felt like it was manageable. A3S is, like I’ve said before, feeling dangerously like a bit too much. The fact that the lore of Alexander is already known thanks to Normal Mode doesn’t help.

Are you on drugs?

Not at all. Just felt like writing this today, so there 🙂

You do know that most of this internet rambles are because people is bored in this big no-content break, right? And that is the result of a much deserved vacation the team took?

Yeah, I know that. Which is why this is an opinion post, not fact. Also, I am 100% behind the team taking vacations after taking all of us through that wonderful adventure that was the entirety of 2.0; yet I can’t help but think they could have maybe spaced content a bit to prepare for this eventuality. What if, following my suggestions above, they’d released Alexander “Story Mode” a month or two after launch?

So what about the problem with Bismark and Ravana Ex’s relative irrelevancy today?

I dunno. Really, I’m not Square Enix. But perhaps Bismark should have dropped a piece of jewelry and Ravana a weapon that were all of an item level comparable to Alexander normal or a bit less – perfect for end-game raiding preparation?

Eyes ever Heavensward

I’m a bit worried about Void Ark. There’s still much we don’t know about it but I fear it’ll be a once-a-week romp. Couple that with the fact that we may not get a big revolution in gear levels until 3.2 makes me think I’m gonna take it really easy until then.

The bright side is I’m having a blast playing other stuff on non-raid nights. Destiny is amazing so far, while Wildstar is proving a fun distraction in smart bursts.



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