Music Friday: Last Stand


Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Hail to the King

Destiny‘s new raid, King’s Fall, is hot. Real hot. If you ever attempted the Vault of Glass (Destiny’s first raid) during the early weeks of vanilla then you’ll remember that it was quite the varied and intense experience. The realm of the Taken King fully wields the banner of Destiny’s “raid style“: the first sections crawl with enemies but as you go deeper in the forbidden zones their presence disappears giving way to exploration of dark zones that hide secrets and protect the Taken King’s finest acolytes.

Today’s theme plays during the encounter with the expansion’s big bad, the King himself, Oryx. Encountered previously during the main story missions as a powerful enemy slightly larger than a Hive Wizard, it is during the raid that we face his true might as a towering presence that must be stopped via interesting mechanics and tight dps checks.


All bosses in the raid are fun and interesting but they pale in comparison to the “epicness” of the Oryx. He also has one of the coolest “death” animations ever! I’m looking forward the Heroic version of the raid… though I admit I’ve never done a Heroic raid in Destiny before!


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