Change is fun

Last night I decided to kill several birds with one stone: change my Final Fantasy XIV character in some way, try something different, and have some fun on Twitter. It all began with a tweet – a regular one since I can’t do polls yet:


I’m not sure how many were aware that I was actually planning to use a Fantasia (I’m pretty certain XIV players figured it out right away), but while Lalafell female got some nice votes most ended up voting for Hyur Highlander female. Being one of the best models in the game (with some of the best emotes) I rolled with the people’s choice so I started working on my character. A few minutes later I revealed the first screenshot of the new Sagacyte Luxaloix:


Ho ho hoi! I jest, I jest. Just having some fun! I then posted a REAL shot (after a couple extra trolling tweets):


Say hello to the new Sagacyte, Hyur Highlander, Black Mage extraordinaire!


Yes, she is a female.


Yes, I am a male in real life.


Oh, give it a rest, will you? I wanted something different, and I had already gone the Lalafell way in the past. I’m not too fond of the male Highlander, either. Having a female character is just as fun as having a male one, and it all ends up being about having fun, right?


And sometimes change is good. The Highlander female has awesome animation and emotes, and some gear is also much cooler for females than it is for males (like the current Halloween gear). It also gives a new perspective on things, which in my case helps me refresh my interest in the game, preparing for the incoming patch 3.1. Speaking of which:

Upon finishing the details, leveled Weaver a bit and then tried something I had not done in a while: switched to Thief. I barely remembered what each skill does, but since I am just level 20 it’s not like I have a dozen skills to memorize yet. I queued up for a dungeon and had a really good time. I may continue leveling Thief/Ninja, queuing up for dungeons and doing gathering or crafting until the duty pops!

… is good

So, new looks (drastic new looks) and having fun in XIV again doing other stuff than what I usually do – and had become a drag to do recently. I still jump in Destiny every other day and I’ll certainly do so for the Halloween event. This the season to have a lot of in-game fun!


Oh, grow up!


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