Music Friday: Mysidia (Halloween FFRK version)

Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Halloween Magic

The spooky season is happening everywhere! Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny, Wildstar and many more are having their annual events, bringing trick-or-treating fun to all gamers. The mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper is having a party of its own, with free high-level gifts and a small but very cool change: the “home” screen music has been changed from The Prelude to a special, Halloweeny version of FFIV’s Mysidia, the town of magic.

The video above is from what seems to be a direct capture from an Android emulator (eventually the user changes to another menu), so the track is compressed, but it still sounds decent enough. It’s a very cool variant of the theme, fitting the season of witches!

It’s no secret that I love FFIV. It was my first FF and as such holds a special place in my life. Originally a high-school classmate let me borrow it, but I fell in love so much that I had to get it… and I still have that copy. It ranks as my favorite FF ever (yeah, probably nostalgia), spot which it shares with VI (also in the picture).

Enjoy Halloween, be safe when going out for those candies… and don’t eat too much in one go! You don’t wanna be turned into a pig, do you?

Hocus Phocus


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