Music Friday: Double Thordan Edition

Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Warning: Perhaps too late, but this post contains spoilers for the ending battle of the 3.0 patch – just in case you haven’t finished that yet.

If there is one aspect of Heavensward that has not disappointed at all then it has got to be the music department. Today I wanted to feature a song from the new 3.1 patch, but suddenly remembered I had not shared the previous version… well, they are two different themes, but play under similar circumstances.

The first theme is (I think) called Heroes, and it plays during the final story battle for the Heavensward base expansion (pre-patches): King Thordan. It’s a battle against the Archbishop of Ishgard (think the Pope) who summons the spirit of the once-King into himself, and is joined by the Heaven’s Ward – his personal guard. Being a story battle, it’s not particularly difficult (some would argue it’s “unwipeable“), but it is flashy as hell.

The second theme I bring today is from the Extreme version of the same battle. Like anyone with a working brain, the devs knew people wanted the final battle in a much harder form – it’s just a fun encounter! And thus, for patch 3.1 we get Thordan Extreme which (to my surprise) has a separate theme, which isn’t bad at all! It’s also the source of that sexy piano solo first unveiled at the end of the patch trailer.

Last night I tried the Extreme fight and it’s very entertaining. It’s difficult but far from Savage – it feels doable, and it’s filled with cool mechanics. Hope we can defeat it soon!


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