Destiny Challenge

Hey guys! I have been sort of busy lately, which is why I haven’t posted much this past two weeks. With the Christmas holidays coming up, the usual round of season-themed cards and invitations have to be done so its up to me to do them – which is really stressing! Fortunately it’s nothing I can’t handle; I’m am far more concerned with politics.

Back to gaming, this week I attempted the new Destiny Challenge mode applied to the raid. Currently only the first boss of the raid has such a challenge, and it’s all about killing it in a certain way. It’s fortunately not too hard – beyond what it usually is – and we could do it! Managed to leave with a new i320 trinket and Rocket Launcher, which pushed me to i310.

I’m still having sporadic disconnections from Destiny’s servers, and my ISP is still oblivious to what is going on, but fortunately I was only kicked out a couple of times. It’s infuriating, but I feel there’s nothing much I can do – I’m even convinced it’s not my ISP itself, but rather international nodes they connect to.

I’m looking forward to the Game Awards tonight. I’m not expecting much per se – the biggest thing I’m sort of expecting is a DLC for MGSV containing the missing Chapter 3 – but there’ll surely be a few interesting things to see. You know, besides Doritos and Mountain Dew.

But I am truly excited for the Playstation Experience stream this Saturday. I’m meeting with a few friends to watch it live. With rumors of PS1/2 games coming to PS4 it’ll be interesting to see if this is officially announced. Also looking forward to any surprise announcements. Crossing my fingers for a FFXII HD version šŸ˜€


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