Experience pacing

Hello, guys! Before we begin, please take a look at the following graphic:


That’s my excite-o-meter for the Playstation Experience keynote that happened this last Saturday. Opening with a new trailer that shows early engine and “gameplay” for the ridiculously anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII (VIIR). It’s unlikely there’s a gamer on this corner of the internet that hasn’t seen it, but here it is, just for the sake of it:

Unfortunately the rest of the event was a barrage of mostly boring announceme…

Hold it, Saga! Bro, this is entirely your opinion!

Yes, it is.

I was excited for Yakuza!

Congratulations. Nice games (I actually really liked 3), but hardly exciting for me, specially after the VIIR bomb at the beginning! The only two things that made me lift my eyebrows were the Sparrow Racing League announced for Destiny and the surprise announcement of Ni No Kuni II (a sequel to the great PS3 RPG that I still haven’t finished since I am not too fond of the partner AI in battle).

I would have LOVED for them to end the keynote with the VIIR trailer. Can you imagine that? Finishing with such a surprise? That would have left us talking about the event for hours with a hard-to-diminish level of excitement! Instead the event ended with a MOBA game. I know, MOBAs are hot right now and a lot of people love them. Me? I couldn’t care less. Hell, there was this PS4/Vita title during the Gio Corsi* segment… a pixelated game that looked like a SotN clone… can’t remember the name but that looked far more exciting than a MOBA. And yeah, said MOBA is the moment hype breaks the below zero threshold in the graph above.

*Speaking of Gio Corsi: I loved how the man kept saying “and Vita” after most announcements, rising a Vita that he was holding on his pocket!

Oh, and that japanese-setting game that looks like Onimusha but somehow evokes a Demon Soul’s feel… Nioh, was it?

Honorary mention to the “PS2 on PS4” announcement that wasn’t even in the program, but I guess they knew people were expecting an Xbox One-like program (insert disc, download, play) and not a “buy this again, your discs don’t work”.

Oh well, at least the VIIR announcement was so awesome and surprising that it sort of carried my interest during the whole event! I’m definitely looking forward to more info from…





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