Music Friday: Triple 3.2 Combo

SPOILER WARNING: Videos with music AND gameplay from 3.2’s newest battles are featued today. If you haven’t done them you may wanna just listen to the music and change tabs or something.

Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Patch 3.2, The Gears of Change, dropped this week in Final Fantasy XIV and the reception has been quite positive! Lots of new things to do, new dungeons to explore, lots of new gear/minions, new battles and of course, the return of our Lord and Saviour Hildibrand.Today I bring you the new battle themes that join XIV’s already amazing combat music.

The first one is special and plays during the first phase of the battle against the Primal/Eikon Sephirot (not to be confused with that Sephiroth) of the Warring Triad. It’s a character inspired by the deity in Final Fantasy VI, so fittingly Soken (XIV’s composer) remixed the theme for Fierce Battle – the theme used back in VI for the battle against Atma and the three deities of the Triad. I love that, after cycling a couple of times, the song turns into a short remix of VI’s Battle Theme (regular combat theme). My 15 year old self had an eargasm!

Phase two of Sephirot’s encounter, like all of XIV’s two-phased Primals, sports a different theme. This one is more rock-like (some call it “industrial”). It’s an awesome theme that will probably be heard constantly by those attempting their clear this week!

And finally, something a bit… different:

This is the theme for Brute Justice, the boss in the final floor of the second wing (erarm?) of Alexander, Midas. In the second floor you fight four humanoid robots with different abilities, and for the final floor they come back and join together to form Brute, very much like Voltron or similar shows from that era.


The theme has lyrics for the themes of both Alexander’s first three floors and the final fourth floor. The kicker? It’s made like a song from those japanese hero shows from the 70s (add or take a decade)! Ultraman, Voltron and the whole “Super Robot” style of japanese tokusatsu shows. So, while a giant robot is obliterating your party you can have fun with how this song serves as a tribute to that era.

If you are playing FFXIV (and really, you should) I hope you’re having fun with patch 3.2! I haven’t progressed much in since I’ve been quite busy (which is also the reason there was no regular post this week) but this weekend is full steam ahead with the patch! Have fun!


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