Music Friday: Howling Fjord

Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Were you expecting a track from The Division? Fair assumption, given it has been the topic of many tweets of mine during this week. Alas, like I stated in my impression’s post, I haven’t really played that much due to the client not being fully downloaded (by the way, it finished this morning). Instead I ‘ll go back a bit to World of Warcraft.

The new expansion for Hearthstone, Warcraft’s card game, was announced today and it’s called Whispers of the Old Gods. This lead me to tweet about how cool would it be if we actually had Old Gods loose in Azeroth (instead of just being madness-inducing whisperers from underground), which in turn reminded me of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. This is, to me, is the best expansion WoW ever had – though it was my first expansion so I might be a bit biased.

As a Forsaken, it made sense to jump into Northrend via the zeppelin outside Undercity, which takes you to one of two starting areas: the Howling Fjord. A vast plain of grass and snow, punctuated by big cliffs overlooking the frozen oceans, and housing a few Vrykul (think ‘Vikings’) settlements. Arriving in Vengeance Landing, the Forsaken outpost, was a very atmospheric introduction to the harsh continent. The sea is covered with floating chunks of ice, the cliffs decorated with Vrykul statues, the mountains in the distance. And the music was as fitting as whatever you’d want to wear in such cold weather. In the track above, the part which most reminds me of the Fjord actually starts at 1:48. Do give it a listen.

Like I said before, it may be because WotLK was my first WoW expansion (I bought the box that came with Burning Crusade so I kinda felt it was part of the ‘base game’) but I think this was a fantastic moment in the game’s history. As a former Warcraft III player, Arthas’ rise and fall were a big draw for me to get into Azeroth, and WoW did an amazing job of following (and closing) that story with this expansion.

Man, when I left WoW (for Final Fantasy XIV) I went on a world tour taking pictures of places I had been to – like a scrapbook. I sadly lost that folder when I changed machines a while ago. I had some nice pictures of the Fjord.


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