Music Friday: The Moon

Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Would you believe me if I told you there was a time Capcom made amazing platformers? Back in the days of the NES & SNES, about the same time when Konami was also a hit powerhouse (yeah, the very same Pachinko-loving Konami). One such hit was Ducktales, a NES title based on the then-hit TV show. It was a very fun game, filled with secrets, solid gameplay and a very fun soundtrack. One theme that stood the test of time played during the Moon level and is called, oh surprise, The Moon.

I played the shit out of that game as a small boy, and it was brought back to my memory this past weekend when I played the Remaster, released a while ago for PS3 (and other platforms). Despite the improved looks, the gameplay and sound/music are still highlights. The remastered theme for the Moon level doesn’t disappoint. Bravo!

A few days later I stumbled upon Mariachi Entertainment System‘s Youtube channel, in which they play video game themes using traditional mariachi instruments – it’s awesome! Apparently their first cover was the Moon theme, so, let me share it with you:

Truly awesome work born of a truly awesome theme of the 8-bit era.

Personal note

I wanna apologize for being missing for a few days. I have had my lazy times before but this week it was different – Tuesday morning I received news that my grandmother had died, which kept me off the internet for a while. Alas, I have returned, so expect more crappy blog posts from yours truly. Keep pogo-ing your way to the stars, guys.


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