On dropping raiding

On Sunday I dropped a tweet saying that I was gonna stop doing Savage raiding in Final Fantasy XIV, and I wanna share with you what led me to that decision. Before that I wanna thank all who replied to that tweet asking me if I was ok, to which I can assure you that I am quite well. Thankfully this isn’t a result of drama – my raid static is still going at it and they are all wonderful people.

Raiding is fun and I’ve enjoyed doing it since my days in Wrath of the Lich King. The times when I have been static-less have been my saddest times in my MMO life, but those have usually been the result of drama or circumstances outside of my control. This time it is by choice.

Raiding was becoming a burden for me. There were many things I wanted to do, both inside the game and outside of it, that I wasn’t doing because my play time was dedicated to raiding. As someone who can only play a few hours every weeknight due to work and life, knowing that when I wanted to play my MMO of choice I had to log in and not being able to do so much because I had other tasks was becoming a nuisance. Gathering for food, leveling a crafter, farming my weekly tomes… couldn’t do them because by the time I could log in into the game it was already raid time. Doing these after raid was also highly inconvenient since post-raid days I have to work, and being too tired next morning isn’t a good idea.

But why not do those things on nights you don’t raid?

Good observation, friend! However, there’s also another factor to weigh in. Like I said, there is stuff “outside” the game I want to do, too. I do dedicate a few moments to run a roulette, gather some mats or check the day’s GC turn ins. But just like I enjoy raiding with my FFXIV family, I also enjoy doing other stuff with both my family and friends. In the real-life department, there’s things like going out, watching a movie, attending an event with my wife – that sort of stuff. And I also enjoy playing other games, be that solo or with friends. As you probably know, I enjoy playing The Division and Destiny, games that also require grouping for their ultimate activities.

Not to mention games I would like to play, too! Games like FFXIII-3, KHBBS HD, Bloodborne‘s expansion, The Witcher, Dragon Age, and many many more. And these are just some of the games I have in my criminally long backlog at the moment! Destiny’s update, The Division’s first update and Dark Souls III are coming next week, with games like Uncharted 4 in the next month. And if I am honest: when you get engrossed in a game, stopping it because you have to raid becomes a bit of a letdown.

Long story short, I had to make a choice: continue with it or drop it and enjoy something else. So here I am. I can take things more in a more relaxed manner. I am NOT quitting XIV, though! I still love the game’s world and story, and I am still slowly getting the mats for my relic and upgrades. There’s no pressure anymore, and I can relax a bit.

All is well.


2 thoughts on “On dropping raiding

  1. Raiding is nice for people who enjoy the feelings they get from the synergy present in a group of people who mesh together well and take down difficult foes.

    It’s also a second job, at times, and I completely understand your perspective and decision. I also happen to share it. 🙂


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