Asterisk: Buttgate

Asterisk! Too long for a tweet but too short for a full post? Here it will find a home.

From a sexy butt pose to an even sexier butt pose, all the result of someone complaining in a forum that the pose didn’t “fit” the character. Crazy week, huh?

I like the new pose. I am still not ok with why the original was changed, but one cannot deny the appeal of the second one: it’s much more fun, dynamic, and exciting. I even find it to be a sexier pose but hey, calm down, I am not gonna make a forum post demanding it be changed 😉

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Interesting to note is the new pose is based on an old pin-up poster. No idea if that will be its own dilemma.

Tracer is still showing more butt. Isn’t the internet a riot? Image from Twitter.

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