Music Friday: Playroom (FFXV demo)

Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Hey guys, did you get a chance to explore the Platinum Demo? The oddly named taste of Final Fantasy XV is a fun little sampler of different locales, systems and music for the now-not-so-missing Final Fantasy. I’ve heard diverse opinions on it, but the scales tip in the game’s favor if my Twitter timeline is something to go by.

Today I wanted to share the theme of the demo’s middle area: a big playroom. Literally. Taking a page from Wonderland, Noctis is reduced to the size of a mouse and everything is huge.


The music in this section is awesome. It’s a very playful theme, very fitting of the scenario. You topple wood block houses, transform into a car (yes, odd) climb a table and fight some dream goblins here and there. And the game’s lightning system and its day/night cycle is looking really good.


Did I mention the track is composed by FFXV’s composer Yoko Shimomura? Kingdom Heart’s Yoko Shimomura? Just in case you were wondering why the track holds that KH charm.

Looking forward to XV, and all the secrets and wonder it holds for us. September 30th cannot come soon enough.



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