Music Friday: Danger

Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Ah, Secret of Mana. One of the jewels on the SNES’ crown. And by Squaresoft, no less! Squaresoft? Those guys that eventually became Square Enix? *ahem* Well, SoM was an amazing game which I have already dedicated one Music Friday to, but today I bring another song… a far more… dangerous one.

The theme “Danger” is the game’s boss battle theme. It does start rather urgently, wouldn’t you agree? You knew that shit had just started to get real when you heard that music play, and you were often in for a heck of a battle. I love how at around 1:10 it turns from dangerous to heroic – perhaps signifying a turn in the tides of battle? Or a moment of respite from a bosses barrage of attacks?

I probably mentioned this before but SoM’s OST was my first OST (bought together with Kefka’s Domain, Final Fantasy III’s – or IV, should you follow more modern conventions – OST.

And now for a small word from our sponsors

We don’t have sponsors. It’s just me. But I wanted to talk to you about this blog for a minute. I have been thinking of polishing this blog a bit – updating categories, pages, tags, etc. That would take some time, and I don’t see a good way to do that while “suspending” the blog so things may start looking really weird in the next few days.

I have even pondered changing the blog’s name (URL) to something more easy to remember, but decided not to (at least for now) since I assume some of you are accustomed to the address for the moment.

And I have also considered putting a small donate button on the side of the site. Nothing fancy… maybe one of those “buy me a coffee” sort of things. I’m not so sure if it’s “proper” but I guess it doesn’t hurt to do so. Right? Hey… don’t leave…

So, pardon the dust 🙂


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