June & E3 incoming

May has been a very sucky month. Won’t go over details but there’s been a bunch of bad news and developments all over. At least none of them have been life-threatening, so we go on, looking forward to the most exciting month of the year, every year: June! Sure, it’s my birthday on the 17th* ** *** but the real star is E3!

*I accept game codes or PSN fund codes as gifts 😉
** I am kidding
*** Or am I?

With announcements from the big three two, and something about Zelda, it’s always a fun time to be a gamer! What am I looking forward to? Ok, let’s see…

Final Fantasy XV – I wanna know more of the former ghost-of-a-game! For the longest time all we had of XV was Duscae: a hundred of screenshots of only Duscae. Then we had Uncovered and we suddenly got a lot more, but there’s so much still under wraps! What other areas are in the world? How is the lore shaping up? A new story trailer could bring hype levels to the highest they’ve been in a decade.

The Last Guardian – With magazine coverage releasing recently and a 2016 date being confirmed, we’ll surely get a new trailer and a concrete date. Looking forward to it… not looking forward to the tears.

Final Fantasy XII – A MAN CAN DREAM, RIGHT? With so much on Square-Enix’s hands it’ll be a bona fide miracle if this is made in this decade, but one can hope. I’m not expecting a full remake… just a remaster, something that will allow me to replay this gem without having to buy a component-to-hdmi converter.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. No, seriously, there’s a better chance of seeing Crash Bandicoot back than to have info on this game. We’ll surely get a trailer or something for the 2.8 thingy, though. Speaking of impossibles, I feel the same way about the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

God of War 4 – Another of those long-shot hopes. It’d be nice to see it being announced, though it’ll be a 2017 at earliest. If the rumored Norse setting ends up being true it may just be a chance to take a second look at the franchise.

Bloodborne 2 – I would love a sequel to the lovecraftian horror masterpiece that was Bloodborne. Now that Dark Souls 3 is out, maybe there’s a part of FROM’s team that can work on this?

Destiny’s expansionRise of Iron or whatever it’s called. I need more Destiny. I love Destiny. Bonus: Can we get another go at the Sparrow Racing League? It was a fun event.

Whatever Naughty Dog is working on next – The Last of US 2? Something-something Starlight? A completely fresh experience? After Uncharted 4, ND could do a Superman 64 remake and I’d still buy it.

Hold on, Saga. Your ‘expectation’ list is pretty pedestrian

Yeah, I am a simple man. I may be part of what’s wrong with the gaming industry but I do enjoy playing familiar experiences. Maybe it’s why I’m so “meh” on the VR thing. Call me old fashioned… or just old.

So that’s what I am looking forward to. What are you looking forward to?


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