Iron Rising

UPDATE: Stream over, official trailer below.

As I write this, there’s a little over an hour to go until Bungie reveals Destiny‘s next piece of content. Officially? All we know is that it’s related to the Iron Banner since its imagery is used on the teasing campaign:


Un-officially? The cat’s out of the bag. It’s leak central. We know almost everything of the new content… and it’s exciting!

Rise of Iron is the new content expansion coming to Destiny on the 20th of September (10 days before Final Fantasy XV!). It focuses on the Iron Lords and fighting a new (sort of) enemy: the Plague, which has long festered outside of southern Russia’s wall – a wall now broken by infected Fallen. New zones! New strikes! New gear! A new raid! In short: more Destiny. The leaked official, high quality trailer:

Everything is looking very good. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be going to a location off-Earth this time, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a big space to cover. We have only fiddled with a couple of zones located in Earth… and it’s a pretty big planet! I really want to wait for the official reveal and info to pass further judgment… not to mention a proper 1080 trailer.

I’ll leave the discussion of leaked vs official reveals for a later date. Right now I am excited for the new content. You know how much I love Destiny! It’s my second “main” game these times (the first being, of course, Final Fantasy XIV). I can’t wait until September comes and brings forth all this Plagued goodness. Since there’s a pre-order, it’s certain that this won’t be free DLC (guessing $40 like The Taken King). Pre-orders are up and it will cost $30!

Oh and in case you missed it, the Gjallarhorn is coming back.




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