Music Friday: The Final Steps of Faith

Hello! I am back from vacations and I had a blast visiting Miami! Technically I returned last Friday night but I have had to prep stuff at home and finish a bunch of work and am now finally ready to enjoy some normal time. Today’s theme is from Final Fantasy XIVspoilers for 3.3 ahead!

This is actually three songs in one! The music for The Final Steps of Faith – the final trial battle in Heavensward’s central Dragonsong War – plays during the final battle against the dragon Nidhogg. The combat has three phases, each one having a theme of its own.

The first phase plays the expansion’s main vocal theme: Dragonsong. It follows a lengthy cutscene in preparation for the battle, and follows the Coil formula of staging the final boss with the current vocal theme (once again sung by Susan Calloway). Phase two switches to a new theme that contains many cues from the Heavensward intro cinematic – there’s a previous cutscene that closely resembles one scene from there, too! Nidhogg takes the form of Estinien (the Ishgardian Dragoon he possesses at the end of the 3.0 story).

Finally the last phase focuses on the last push of the battle against a fully powered Nidhogg. The music goes all “Ishgardian chorus” with the city theme at the forefront. It then turns more urgent, finishing with the same chorus that ends the cinematic intro, putting a ribbon to the Dragonsong conflict. Fitting. This theme slightly reminds me of the music from the FFXV reveal trailer for some reason.

Heavensward’s main conflicts may be over, but we still have at least two more patches to go, and we’ll likely start seeing the events that will lead to 4.0; October’s Fanfest should be our first taste of what is to come!


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