Music Friday: Victory

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as Sagacyte

Yeah, in a move that I foresaw I would regret I ended up getting Overwatch during my trip and have been playing quite a bit of it. I regret it in the sense that it has become another game to juggle in my regular play time, together with Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV.

Nevertheless, Overwatch is pretty fun to play, thanks to the Blizzard pedigree behind it. It’s fast, matches are quick, and if you are with a group of friends it can be a lot – a lot – of fun. Music is also pretty neat! It does have a main theme and every zone has its music, but they’re not too strong as to overpower the game’s sounds. Today I’ll focus on a theme called “Victory” that, from a certain point on (around 1:07) plays during each post-match “Play of the Game“, a clip of the supposed best play during the match but that is often just a spotlight of which Hanzo’s ultimate killed more people.

Fun fact: Overwatch’s soundtrack can best be described as what happens if Deus Ex has a baby with a can of sugar. It’s futuristic, and very “hypey”. Neat.


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