Music Friday: Moment of Recall

Finally! I have enough energy to make this post! Hopefully I won’t have to wait long for the next one! And no, I am not spending my Lapis!

exvius 1

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is, like Final Fantasy Record Keeper before it, a good addition to the mobile landscape. It follows the same formula of most free to play mobile games: you have “energy” which allows you to do dungeons/challenges which are points in a map that turn into battles, and while you can farm a lot of items there’s always the option of skipping that by buying materials or currency (Lapis) straight from the game’s shop.

What I like about Exvius is that it also introduces exploratory dungeons, which allow you to walk freely in areas, looking for treasure chests and items, while facing random encounters. Just like in the days of old! Speaking of the days of old, while it does have original characters, one of the draws of Exvius (like Record Keeper) is that you can recruit heroes from previous Final Fantasy games. Another cool fact is that Exvius has a story – I haven’t progressed as much but it begins with the Earth Crystal being broken… classical. From then on you have to return to your castle to report on the situation, but monsters have started to get restless due to the crystal’s destruction… standard Final Fantasy fare.

exvius 2Soundtrack is also pretty good. Of note are two themes: the battle theme is pretty cool, and Moment of Recall which plays during the game’s “home” screen (from where you access items, heroes, maps, etc.).

I suggest you give it a shot. Yes, it does have microtransactions to lure you, but if you want you can just take it slow, play a couple of times per day and do a dungeon or two while you progress the main story.

One caveat is that, like other games of its kind, it does require you to be connected to the internet, so be sure to have good signal, a good data plan, or simply stay close to your trusty Wifi in order to enjoy the game!


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