Gold in a box

I just want to ask: how the fuck did it take Nintendo almost 30 years to come up with this idea? This is a nuclear bomb of pure nostalgia and sex all rolled up into a single HDMI-enabled piece of memory candy.

Coming out in November? For $59,99 (the price of a single current gen game), including 30 games – some of which are truly heavy hitters – inside the device? You know how the phrase “it prints money” has been used in the past regarding a Nintendo device? Prepare to see it again, often. Straight from the announcement site:

I want one. Sure, it’s not gonna be easy actually getting it, but I definitely want one.
Nostalgia is a big factor here. New generations may not find the charm in these archaic games (hehehe how will they fare against Super C?), but for anyone who grew during this era this is gold. Anyone who grew during this era is also now a working individual, for whom $60 is not an exorbitant price to pay for an item such as this. This is gonna sell soooo m… well, it will print money.
But Saga, I can just emulate using a Raspberry, an emulator, or something like that!
Sure, and more power to you, but remember: convenience. Ask the average person to fiddle with Raspberrys, or download emulators and ROMs, hack NES controllers (if they get their hands on one) to work via USB – most people have no idea of what I just said. For this big target pool, this convenient device is… well, convenient.
Finally, three words:
SNES Classic Mini.

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