Music Friday: Duel

Energy replenished! How about another round of Exvius?

Last week this segment featured a theme from the mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which I find entertaining in short bursts – namely, my lunch break. Music’s pretty good and this week I decided on the other theme I mentioned was pretty great: Duel, also knows as the “battle theme“.

Exvius has turn-based battles and even random encounters (when you explore dungeons) so obviously it has a new battle theme to go with it. I love how the theme begins with a nod to the classic battle riff and then goes on to become its own theme. It’s fast paced and energetic, and suits the quick and fun encounters perfectly. I even think it’s one of the better set of battle themes in the series!

I won’t make posts about them, but Exvius also has its versions of the classic victory theme, but I’ll let you enjoy that on your own.


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