Music Friday: Demons on the Prey

Did I tell you about the times I, as a young kid, stayed up until very late in an almost deserted office building playing DOOM?

My dad worked in the systems department in a local bank. Due to his position, he often had meetings until very late, sometimes without much notice, and when my mom and I would go pick him up we were sometimes faced with waiting for him for potentially hours, or just wait and return when he called. I sometimes chose to say there. You see, some of the workers had games in their machines, one of which was DOOM.

No, I did not have the proper age to play a game like DOOM. It did not bother me. And the fact that I was often playing this game in a huge office floor (with dozens of cubicles) at night when no one was there, with barely a couple of lights here and there, enhanced the experience. Sure, it was scary, but it cemented the idea that DOOM was a game that would leave its mark.

Imagine this, with only one light on, at midnight. In one of those cubicles, a young me played DOOM.

The game’s audio was (and still is) pretty cool. Enemies would make specific growls and moans that you could identify easily, so you’d always know which demon was after you, and some even make startling noises when they discovered you. Music ranged from energetic to slow and menacing. Truly a game worth experiencing.

Actually, I just did. Again. I bought DOOM from a recent GOG sale and played through it again. It was extra fun since I played it using a mechanical keyboard and – for the first time ever – with a mouse (back then I aimed entirely using the keyboard). Why is the mechanical keyboard fun? Because of the click sound, which helped me “go back” to my youth. All those years ago, I played using this:



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