Music Friday: Music Hour

Want another piece from Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2? Of course you do!

Last week I told you how much I like the OST (or rather ‘track list’) from the Ouendan games, which came out for the Nintendo DS. Today I share with you another track from it and it is one of my favorites, if not the favorite: Music Hour by Porno Graffiti (yeah, weird name).

Sadly, just like last week, the original video for Music Hour is not on Youtube but can be found elsewhere. A video of a live performance can be found, though.

While POPSTAR was sort of romantic and catchy, this one’s upbeat and crazy and… well, it may be romantic as well but I have no idea what the lyrics mean! That doesn’t stop a cool song from being enjoyed by me!

Next week I’ll go back to regular game music, I promise!


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