Pokéstop GO

While more developed countries were catching pokémon and cursing Niantic for removing some steps from some screen, we the people of South America we just crossing our fingers waiting for Pokémon GO to come to us (unless, of course, you somehow managed to install it earlier). Last week we finally got our chance as the game was released in our countries and I can finally leave home and work behind to go explore the world and finally fulfill my dream of becoming a Pokémon master.

I wish.

By now everyone knows the gist of Pokémon GO: use your cell phone to go around town, catching virtual pokémon, then use these to battle in Gyms. It’s a simple premise (taken from Ingress, an earlier game from the same developer) but it’s also an entertaining one, with hundreds of people flocking to parks and whenever pokéstops (where you can get free items and lure pokémon) are. So, you start your journey creating an avatar and go out into the map to visit the dozens of…


Well, that’s what I get for living right outside the city. Unfortunately the city proper isn’t so different. There’s a couple of pokéstops in parks here and there, with most being near water. The best spot is in the city’s boardwalk – the place to go… if you want to catch water pokémon. Want a Magikarp?

Left: The airport has a gym and a couple of stops. Notice the huge ground of nothing in the background, ironically one of the most populated areas in the city. Right: The boardwalk is a hot zone. Lots of people taking advantage of the stops.

Without access to pokéstops, you’ll quickly run out of pokéballs. Without pokéballs or stops, you can only get more… you guessed it: money. It is to be expected, honestly. Just sucks if you don’t live in cities where stops are basically around every corner.

Pffft. Don’t use pokéballs in small or weak pokémon! Save them for the big ones!

I’m sorry, Gary-look-alike, but you need the smaller pokémon to get candy and pokéheroin… I mean, stardust. With both of these resources you evolve your pokémon and make them stronger. You need lots of small fry to make one stronger. A popular example is our good old friend Magikarp, which is nearly useless on its own, but after 400 candies will turn into the powerful Gyarados. Lots of small fry = lots of pokéballs.


I just wish there was a way to suggest pokéstops. That would alleviate the problem of people living in suburban or rural areas. More people playing, more need for pokéballs, more money. But hey, it is as it is. At least we can play now.

Good thing is that while the game maintains its popularity, it’s fun to go to places like the boardwalk and catch pokémons while walking and basking a bit in the sun. Some say it’s “healthy”. All in good fun – until the GPS starts failing…


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