Survive (the hate)

Yo! Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo guys. This is real:

What’s the first thing you do with a franchise like Metal Gear Solid after doing away with its creator and part of its team? Why, do a… survival… game… thingy.

And no, I am not counting the pachinko machine thing because… pachinko.

Konami today announced Metal Gear Survive (which ironically enough also acronyms to ‘MGS’) and it’s… we don’t really know what it is but it sure as hell is not a regular, traditional Metal Gear game. Soldiers left behind during the destruction of Mother Base at the end of Ground Zeroes are sucked into a wormhole in the sky and end up in an alternate dimension where they must survive against… some crystal-in-the-head zombies or something. Maybe a Left 4 Dead style of game? Or one of the many survival games that have been popping up in the past year? Who knows! All we know is that it is focused on stealth and, well, survival.

So, being real, we have no idea if this will end up being a good game or not. It could be really fun and all that. It’s just… let’s use the term ‘interesting‘… to see where Konami plans to take the Metal Gear franchise in the future. Twitter, on the other hand, seems to have already made up its mind – there’s a lot of sarcasm and comedic vitriol towards the game. People are not too fond of the idea of the next Metal Gear game – the first post-departure of series’ creator Hideo Kojima – being so different from the standard Metal Gear formula. Some hate it for the crime of being the Kojima-less Metal Gear (which to be fair, is a valid concern at least in a polish-level sense). I even read somewhere this morning that it wouldn’t be a ‘full priced’ game but that it’d still be a big experience, which reeks of microtransactions.

The Twitter spectacle is just beginning this morning. On one side there are MGS players that saw with horror as the series creator was locked out of the final days prior to the release of V (and in some cases after that, too) and consider this new game an abomination, and on the other people that think the others are just defending Kojima or using a similar train o thought. There’s a third camp, of course: one with a big bucket of popcorn just ready to watch it all burn.


I say: “Remember Rising“. Circumstances are different, but that’s a game that took the Metal Gear name and produced a fun, fast-paced game. Sure, it wrecked the positive outlook of the ending of MGS4, but it was just a fun game – I personally do not consider it canon.

You can’t blame Konami, though. They have a fantastic engine in their hands, and an extremely popular franchise with a reputation that has the potential to outlive all the negativity born out of the problems faced by the last game in the saga. They must do something (other than pachinko machines) with it. Is Survive a good choice? I could give you my answer but let’s, for the sake of peace, go with “who knows?“.

Wormholes in the sky, though… damn.


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