Music Friday: The Ark

I started Lightning Returns the other day and… Hm? Yes, I just did. Yeah, I know.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, also known as FFXIII-3, came out at a terrible time. Back then our wonderful government imposed a $42 tax on courier deliveries. What was previously a $12 delivery jumped to $54 – almost the price of a full game! And thus, it was the first Final Fantasy game that I had to hold off on purchasing. Last year, during my trip to Miami I found it (used, but in excellent state) at a Gamestop store and I finally got it, but I hadn’t started playing it until recently (stupid sexy Playstation 4).

What can I say? I am early in the game. Early impressions: I do not like the feeling of the time limit, and did PS3 games all look like this? Otherwise, it seems like a fun game to play through and I should since it finished the XIII trilogy and I have already played both prequels. I am just starting to get the hang of the different jobs or schematas you can have, but so far it seems like a fun system. Combat is pretty good, though. The game’s ‘hub’, called The Ark, is a nice stopping point to relax (time stops in there) and gather some items – it has a nice theme, too! This is today’s theme.

Last time I played I finished day 1. I know now what the game’s 5 main “quests” are, and I have read that I should use Chronostasis more often (or rather ‘use it’ since I didn’t know what it does). Wonder how long the game is… with Rise of Iron out on the 20th of September I will probably jump back to that.

Man, my PS3 backlog is big…


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