Better late than never


Last night I finally got my 210 Anima weapon in Final Fantasy XIV! YES, I am months late. With all other stuff I have been playing I just didn’t grind for the ‘unidentifiable’ set of items, just purchasing them every now and then.

With yesterday’s patch, which heavily nerfed the costs of these items, I managed to get all of them with a combination of tomes and beast tribe tokens. Used all my Grand Company seals to get half of the craftable items and bought the other straight from the market board. Result: I am now the owner of whats-its-name Black Mage i210 weapon. I still have another step to go through before taking it to that patch’s top level (which still is not the last step), and this one includes going into the Crystal Tower series of 24-man raids.

But Saga, didn’t you know the item you get from there can be obtained even if you don’t have the Anima quest? You could have gathered this items months ago!

NO, I DIDN’T KNOW! I AM AN EMBARRASSMENT! But anyways, I got lucky with a <5 minute queue for World of Darkness last night and was reminded just how cool of a raid those are; music is exceptionally great. SE should someday readjust 24-mans and make an Extreme version; the difficulty of Mhach gives hope for more challenging and fun raids.

Oh, and before I go: the achievement for getting the Anima is called ‘Animaniac‘. GG SE, GG.



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