Music Friday: Shattered

This Anima nerf has gotten me to do the Crystal Tower series of raids again, and reminded me of just what an amazing soundtrack they have.

Shattered plays during regular encounters in the Crystal Tower raid, the second in the set of “casual” 24-man raid during Final Fantasy XIV‘s 2.0 series.The music is all calm and pretty – arrangements of Final Fantasy III‘s music – and when the encounters start it picks up to this theme.

Perhaps the biggest impact this theme has is that it is a remix of previously existing themes and as such is extra special to veteran Final Fantasy players, but newcomers to the series can appreciate the powerful battle music – which still manages to be left behind by the boss battle at the end which can be the subject for another day *wink*.

I am glad I get to do these old raids again as part of my Anima relic quest. They are as fun as ever, and always have that “this should have an Extreme version” quality to them. With my current play time, it might take me a few weeks of doing the Crystal Tower quest to get the items I need so I’m sure to visit the place often… and I’m turning up the volume every time.


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