Music Friday: Tumbling Down

I continue my short musical journey through the Crystal Tower raid, but I am suddenly facing huge bosses! On the upside, the tempo kicks ass.

All three “wings” of the Crystal Tower series end with encounters with big bosses with mechanic-heavy fights (within the confines of a 24-man difficulty raid). They also share a common battle theme: Tumbling Down. It’s a powerful theme and one of my favorite battle themes in Final Fantasy XIV. Whats-his-name from Labyrinth, Emperor Xande from Crystal Tower and Cerberus from World of Darkness… all their encounters serve as the end of their respective zones* in this raid series.

The Crystal Tower series is obviously inspired from the dungeon of the same name in Final Fantasy III, and musical themes are no exception. Tumbling Down is the XIV version of the “Boss Battle” theme from the original III (above). It was alter remade for the DS version.

*Cloud of Darkness, the true final boss of the entire series of raids (and of III proper), has her own theme – a remix of the original theme from her battle.


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