Music Friday: Rise of Iron

Are you ready for Destiny‘s next expansion? Or are you letting a bunch of tech mites just flutter around your head?

Rise of Iron is coming up next week (hype!) but we got an early treat: the title screen changed in the last patch to what is gonna be our welcome to the expansion for the next year. Hmmm… these stuff tends to happen in MMOs, eh? *ahem* The theme proper starts at about 3 minutes in, but if you let it go you’ll even find the original theme, some Tower tracks and more.

We have a full year to go before Destiny 2 (if it’s not, you know, delayed) so Rise of Iron is gonna be what keeps us busy for a while. Story, new raid and content, and the awesome private matches (the thing I never knew I wanted until I tried them)… joined with hopefully some good event content (halloween, SRL)! Here’s to hoping Destiny keeps being awesome for another full year.

In a funky twist of fate, I am going on vacations next week so I might be able to play at launch, which will be quite exciting! Last time I did this was for Mist of Pandaria! This also means that maybe next week I may not have a chance to post but I’ll be back before you get a chance to miss me… or after… 🙂


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