Music Friday: Rise


I am tired of Alexander – – – freezing time and – – – messing up with my – – – Enochian! At this rate – – – this post will come – – – out *days* later than – – – intended!

Alexander’s final encounter is Alexander Prime, the Soul of the Creator, deep inside a time bubble at the very core of the time-altering Primal. The battle begins with an orchestrated version of Metal (the theme from the final boss of Gordias) but after Alexander’s Divine Judgment it switches to the real fight, with a much more enthusiastic theme, fitting the rock-fueled antics of the goblins.

*dut dut dut peep dut dut dut peep*

It’s also another song that seems to use Gobbiespeak, the language of the goblins, which gave some people headaches while trying to figure out the lyrics – which I think haven’t been *fully* deciphered yet. Maybe next weekend during FanFest?

*dut dut dut peep dut dut dut peep*

Speaking of FanFest… are you excited? Most expect an expansion announcement, new jobs and more! I am definitely looking forward (and back) to it!

Rise with me!


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