Music Friday: World of FF title

Have you tried World of Final Fantasy‘s demo? It’s up now on PS4 and PSVita (if you can actually access them due to the bloody DDOS attack that’s making the rounds today).

The game that at first made everyone cringe at its cuteness and announced right before the Final Fantasy VII remake (which obviously gathered all the attention), WoFF has slowly been catching the eyes of people due to its colorful world and characters, and a long forgotten sense of humor. The music seems to be a combination of cutesy-upbeat tracks and a few nods to old themes. The demo is a bit short and is mostly a bunch of random battles in a “dungeon”… but hey, that is old school Final Fantasy.


It features cameos from Final Fantasy characters and monsters, so it’s bound to be at least a curiosity for Final Fantasy fans. Cloud, Lightning, Boko, Edgar and many more show up.



Are you jumping in the WoFF bandwagon? I mean, you’d be missing this kind of fun:


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