Music Friday: Stand Your Ground


With today’s official “sampler” of Final Fantasy XV songs released by Squeenix we now know the official name of the battle music from the recent “Judgment Disc” demo: Stand Your Ground. It was previously circulated as “Careening Into Danger” but now we know the truth.

Final Fantasy XV apparently has battle themes per enemy type (just kidding… maybe) and this is, if Judgment is to be believed, the first one you’ll hear when fighting regular monsters on the early stages of the game. I don’t mind if it’s the default “monster” theme during the whole game. It’s *that* good.

I love when new Final Fantasy music uses motifs or references to old, classical Final Fantasy themes. This one is no exception. At 0:11 it plays a fast version of the Prelude, and the parts before and after that are reminiscent of the classical battle-intro theme, which features in old battle themes like I, IV, VI, IX (and is also present as a detail in themes like XIV’s Ominous Prognisticks). Afterward we get a dash of Kingdom He… I KID, I KID, but Shimomura’s style is clearly present and one can’t help to remember the Kingdom Hearts music, which is made by her.

Final Fantasy XV’s OST is going on sale mid-December. Will it be worth it? Too soon to call. Does it look like it’ll be worth it? HELL, YEAH.

In the meantime, all we can do is wait. Unless you live in Perú… in which case please do not post spoilers. I also hate you.


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